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Anniversary Lighting

We have reason to celebrate our anniversary too…33 years this Saturday.

Unfortunately we don’t have a lighthouse or anything shiny….but we do have the love that passes the test of time.

Thank you GOD for giving me a spouse for all time! She is truly a keeper!

Happy Anniversary Della Lee Osborn Smith! You have stood by me through many challenges.

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Sunset 30 – Vertorama

Sunset 30 – Vertorama, originally uploaded by Mark Austria.

See what I mean? This is a world made to discover….one to live in totally…to capture on film, digitally, and in our mind’s eye. Yes this picture is a composite as the artist describes below….but haven’t you seen this in your mind, in your heart? Oh yes…

This is another vertorama. Digitally blended from 4 individually tonemapped images (3xp rocks, 3xp sand, 3xp water and another 3xp for the sky). The sky was taken 30 minutes after all the other elements and so the reason for the title.

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Before & Now

Before & Now, originally uploaded by The Great Shadow.

Throughout the world, we juxtapose the past with our view of the future here in the present…architecture has such a strong message when utilized as a medium and not merely as a function of containment.

This photo is such a strong reminder of heritage and vision.

I am impressed and the photographer deserves great credit for this capture of a moment in time!

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Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate, originally uploaded by iceman9294.

Wow! Along with an appreciation of nature comes an intense awareness of the creativity GOD has shared with us to also make objects that cause us to wonder…

The photographer’s notes on Fickr:
This is my favorite and I would like to thank my “people vaporizer” for serving me well… Ok, no one was harmed in this series. I just made the effort to get up early!

Cloud Gate is a public sculpture by Anish Kapoor in Millennium Park, Chicago. The sculpture is shaped like an ellipse, and its legume-like appearance has caused it to be nicknamed “The Bean”. It is made of 168 highly polished stainless steel plates, and stands at 33 feet high, 66 feet long, and 42 feet wide, weighing 110 tons. From a distance it could be mistaken for a huge drop of mercury, while up close its highly reflective surface captures and transforms the skyline, the downtown cityscape and even the passers-by into a wonderfully warped new vista. The artist, Anish Kapoor, has referred to the sculpture as “a gate to Chicago, a poetic idea about the city it reflects.” The 12-foot underbelly is called the “omphalos” or navel and multiplies reflections in a vortex.


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A Carpet Of Leaves

A Carpet Of Leaves, originally uploaded by *NACNUD*.

As Summer ends, GOD covers the earth with His glory….in gold, green, red intensities only He could provide to our color spectrum and to our hearts. GOD loves beauty and delighting His children.

What a GOD we have!

Be blessed this week as you discover His beauty in your world. Listen to His voice as you see His creative talents.