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Miraculous Signs…

Miraculous Signs…, originally uploaded by orchardrise.

…what GOD has given us in the written word of the Bible is enough evidence to believe…He has said it is so.

…and if He has said it is so, and the evidence is there, then should we boldly reject what GOD our Father has provided for faith?

…it might be said He has given us no excuse for unbelief.

…if a judge says there is enough evidence to convict or acquit, would we be so brazen to reject the court’s statements and chose our own wisdom?

No, we take our culture as truth…but we often reject GOD…how wise is that?



66, married to one wonderful woman for over forty-two years, five children - four sons and one daughter, two fabulous daughters-in-law and a son-in-law, three grandsons, four granddaughters, living in San Diego County, California - loving GOD more than anything!

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