Posted by: emeryhsmithii | November 23, 2008

How a man falls…


As I grow older and my natural stamina decreases and my need for rest increases, I wonder if my spiritual stamina will go away as well.  When I look at many of the giants of the Bible, and those men of religious fame in this generation, I am concerned that I will compromise…yet, I know the only race worth running and winning is the one Paul encourages to run with endurance looking to the prize…

not only do I want to win the crown of winning the race, I know it is a crown of righteousness which belongs to Jesus alone and He deserves my consistency and completing what He has started in my life.

Then there is the legacy of the little eyes that are watching me as I lead the way.  Am I an example of walking and talking all that Jesus Christ has redeemed to to do?

…or will I be considered so much “hot air”?

copied below is an excerpt from a Casting Crowns interview that fits the message and answers these questions:

“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on this law he meditates day and night….”

“The whole album funnels from this passage,” Hall says. “Imagine the man in this verse totally breaking down, but just a little at a time. First he’s walking, then standing, and eventually sitting, just slowly shutting down. He doesn’t crash suddenly—there’s no sudden crash in the Christian life. The ‘crash’ is just the fruit of a slow fade.”

He continues, “If we find ourselves ‘walking’ in the counsel of the wicked, it’s often supported by the things we’re listening to, the things we’re taking in, the things we’re watching and clicking on. Sooner or later, what we choose to put into our lives affects us and starts coming out of our lives. Then we’re not ‘walking’ anymore. Instead we become a walking contradiction. The way we live confuses the people around us, and that, to me, is how we find ourselves ‘standing’ in the way of sinners. If something doesn’t change and we don’t make a turn around, we’re eventually ‘sitting’ in the seat of the scoffers. We find ourselves in the back row of the church watching everybody with their hands in the air, and thinking, ‘Surely they don’t have anything I don’t have,’ when in fact they do. And we don’t even realize it, because the fade is so gradual.”

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