Posted by: emeryhsmithii | November 24, 2008

The giving tree by Shel Silverstein

why-treeOnce there was a giving tree who loved a little boy.
And everyday the boy would come to play
Swinging from the branches, sleeping in the shade
Laughing all the summer’s hours away.
And so they love,
Oh, the tree was happy.
Oh, the tree was glad.

But soon the boy grew older and one day he came and said,
“Can you give me some money, tree, to buy something I’ve found?”
“I have no money,” said the tree, “Just apples, twigs and leaves.”
“But you can take my apples, boy, and sell them in the town.”
And so he did and
Oh, the tree was happy.
Oh, the tree was glad.

But soon again the boy came back and he said to the tree,
“I’m now a man and I must have a house that’s all my home.”
“I can’t give you a house” he said, “The forest is my house.”
“But you may cut my branches off and build yourself a home”
And so he did.
Oh, the tree was happy.
Oh, the tree was glad.

And time went by and the boy came back with sadness in his eyes.
“My life has turned so cold,” he says, “and I need sunny days.”
“I’ve nothing but my trunk,” he says, “But you can cut it down
And build yourself a boat and sail away.”
And so he did and
Oh, the tree was happy.
Oh, the tree was glad.

And after years the boy came back, both of them were old.
“I really cannot help you if you ask for another gift.”
“I’m nothing but an old stump now. I’m sorry but I’ve nothing more to give”
“I do not need very much now, just a quiet place to rest,”
The boy, he whispered, with a weary smile.
“Well”, said the tree, “An old stump is still good for that.”
“Come, boy”, he said, “Sit down, sit down and rest a while.”
And so he did and
Oh, the trees was happy.
Oh, the tree was glad.

So here is what I think…

Shel had a great insight into the seasons of life and the need for us to gain help from others in each season of our personal growth.  Sometimes we understand our need and sometime we think we don’t really need anyone to help us.  Sometimes we just think it is so much about us and others’ sacrifice really is not a concern.  In fact, sometimes we are blind to what others give up in order to give to us.

The picture above is entitled WHY?  It is a C28 graphic on a t-shirt I have.

In some regard, we cannot understand this at all.  Why would anyone sacrifice for another?

The greatest sacrifice is the one GOD gave when He sent His only Son, Jesus to die on a tree for our salvation.  GOD had to send Jesus into the no man’s land of sacrifice, even forsaking Him in silence as He alone carried our sin to the cross.  There is no greater “giving tree” than the one represented by the Cross of Christ.

In this Thanksgiving season and as we approach Christmas, we can only imagine that incredible sacrifice Jesus gave for us.


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