Posted by: emeryhsmithii | September 26, 2009

A lesson in the vines

While doing my duties as a roof inspector this week, GOD showed me an example of His care of my life.

I was asked to visit this elegant estate with a superbly maintained but small vineyard. Above will-tilled, weed-free earth are strong posts anchoring the rows of weathered vines, green leafy growth and large clusters of almost ripe grapes.  Each row is ended with roses.  What caught my eye was the addition of netting to keep pests from the fruit.

I felt the prompting from GOD to first observe it, then photograph it and then share it with my small group last night.  It was so easy to see this was a spiritual lesson wrapped in a fall picture of abundance.

I asked my group to share their insights.  So what do you see in this picture below?  Is there a spiritual lesson here?  Just asking.  Be BLESSED and have a wonderful weekend!  The harvest is coming…

Clusters of grapes in abundance

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