Posted by: emeryhsmithii | September 27, 2009

I can’t stands it no more…


Today, I was eating lunch with my pastor at Taco Bell.  I said very clearly that my early bias against the seeker-friendly church tagline apparently given to Willow Creek forced me to rewrite my thoughts.  I had to erase the blackboard and think something new and oh, so much more fact based than the opinion I had held for the better part of a decade.  Bill Hybels video, “Walk Across The Room” did it to me.

Passion for the Gospel and the desire for all men to hear the Good News in a language they could understand was so clearly evident that I could not retain a stupid prejudice of what I thought I knew.

With that said, will you explore with me this thought shared on the weblink below:

In just a few moments, it opened up a new stream of thought about how my life should look and I must go down the river to see what is in store.

Maybe you too have something deep inside burning to be released.  I pray as you journey and seek God’s wisdom, that He alone will reveal the next thing you should do…as you are connected to the Vine as one of His branches.

Looking for the fruit in my life as well,

Emery In Hollister

I can't takes it no more...

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