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YOU!…An Eternal Treasure

a one-of-a-kind masterpiece
GOD creates for an eternity

Each of us struggle with the question of who we are.  It is not an easy answer because looking in the mirror does not tell all it should about the real US…it can only represent an image of the outside.  The obvious.  The presentation.  Sometimes that clearly shows our real self but so often it doesn’t.

Can I ask you my dear reader, to consider that before you were even born, before anyone was created, even Adam, YOU were on GOD’S heart, a design, a masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind original created for His good pleasure.

Over the years of Creation, much has become tainted and discolored and weathered including the image of you.  But not your essence.  That is deep in the fibers of the canvas seen by GOD as perfect.  There is need for cleansing away all of the contaminants that dull the brilliance of YOU, the Eternal Masterpiece created by GOD…that cleaning agent is not a harsh solvent, not a primer to start all over again on the canvas representing your life…it is a PERSON and His name is Jesus.  His Blood covers over and yet cleanses away everything that is not what GOD first made when you were given to the world.  We only see you for a short length of time called a ‘lifetime’.  That is not entirely true…you are eternally made.  We only see this portion of time…but in Eternity, all will see you as you truly are…an Eternal Masterpiece for His Good Pleasure.

Be BLESSED today as you bask in the awe of what GOD made when He made Y O U !




66, married to one wonderful woman for over forty-two years, five children - four sons and one daughter, two fabulous daughters-in-law and a son-in-law, three grandsons, four granddaughters, living in San Diego County, California - loving GOD more than anything!

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