Posted by: emeryhsmithii | December 31, 2010

I Believe in God

I Believe in God, originally uploaded by Ben Heine.

Love in Its Never Ending Gems

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Love in its never ending gems
Is always like a rose
Thorns by its stems
And fragrance at petals close
Filling the dreams of its days
In flames of desires great
Every emotions woven’s interlays
It brings in its debate

As sweet as the morning glow
That still is in freshness
Or cold as the freezing snow
Without affectionate caress
The song of the simple and deep
That goes all from within
And ours together is to keep
In its step by stepwise spin

The flower you hold all dear
Though it never comes close enough
Even from the inside here
It sometimes is merely a bluff
Though still we keep searching for
Each its bouquets bright
Though its shallow leaves are more
Closer to winter’s dim night

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