Posted by: emeryhsmithii | January 15, 2011

Three Roads

I am a Westerner. No, I am a Californian. Something about the road and the wide open spaces seem to be in my blood. I love to drive. That is a good thing because my jobs for the past fifteen years have taken me on many highways and byways usually 150 to 300 miles per day.
All this time on the road has lead me to consider a few things.

Most Californians living in the North are so happy to live here. But there are numerous reasons to travel South. In many ways, California is two States in one.

For some the need to ‘get there’ is so powerful that the Fast Route, I-5, is the only intelligent option. There is almost nothing, including the stark scenery, to slow you down as the road is filled with motivated high-speed travelers all agreeing to the same goal, even the truckers.

Highway 101 represents a slower transition from the green and simpler life of Northern California to the denser people-centered South. But it is still a highly traveled route through beautiful communities.

When the destination is not the priority of the trip but the process itself is the emphasis, there can be no other choice than Highway 1. One forgets every other thing than the unchanged views of nature. Time is also forgotten. The joy of seeing the interaction of ocean and mountains delights with almost every turn. Getting there just doesn’t matter.

Our spiritual life can parallel these three journeys.

At times in our lives, we care about nothing than to get to the next place on our list.

As we grow a family, the journey takes on more of a priority and the process and people and those interactions are valuable as we learn our purpose here on Earth.

In our maturity, the details are all about enjoying the day-to-day encounters trusting God for His direction and blessing in every turn. Here we are never disappointed.

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