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Are we there yet?


Remember when you had kids or even better when you were a kid and the BIG question everyone asked was “Are we there yet?”

Tonight at our Wednesday night prayer meeting church, I had a distinct impression of this question at the beginning of the evening.  I felt like the little kid impatiently waiting for the ‘prize’ at the end of the trip – just being done with the traveling already. Impatience. Expectations. Opinions. All part of our selfish focus. The one that places us at the center of the universe and everything is supposed to spin around us.

WOW! Where did we get that idea? Ummm. I think it was in the garden when a tempting serpent questioned the integrity and motives of our Creator. Did God really say? We decided there was enough of a question there that the One who spoke Existence into being just with His voice should have to answer to us.

Just like the little kid who doesn’t want to enjoy the journey – we want what we want. NOW.

This was a great day for considering.

It is the third day of a really great new career at the youthful age of 60. I have been waiting for this moment for maybe thirty years. I think it should have come much sooner. With much less pain. And a lot less doubt and confusion and much, much more intentional step-by-step directions.

But sitting at my computer in my new office, I realized this long journey has been a wonderful place to learn the lessons I need for this moment in time. To be here was a plan set in motion long ago. Lots of events along the way equipped me.

Hey God, would you erase all those questions and tantrums and self-focused opinions of mine over the years? I think trusting you is a much better way to live. I will try to enjoy the ride more and pouting less.

Thanks for the patience you have had with me. Love, a slow to learn son,  Just Me.