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So what lights your fire?

The journey into our best future always passes through the furnace. The fire both forges us to who we must become and frees us to live the life for which we were created.

Eugene Peterson wrote this in a devotional, As Kingfishers Catch Fire, I am reading through the YouVersion app.

Have you been through the furnace yet? Are you seeing the calluses of being forged by God? Also, the tender places where the fire tenderizes us? God makes no mistakes and has a destiny for each of us. Sense the curl of your lip as you realize the importance you are to the God of the Universe.

Summer is here and many complain of the heat…but really, every year, it warms up. A cycle. A season. I think this is necessary to appreciate all we have. For some, appreciation comes in anticipation. For some, it is joy in the moment. For some, it is only seen through the rear view mirror of hindsight reflection.

Which are you? Can you enjoy the day you are in? Living in the now? Or is it the past that haunts you or the future that intrigues you?

Can you enjoy the furnace? Just some Friday thoughts. Have a great weekend as we go into the next month-J U L Y.