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My 2011 Birthday Wish

Yesterday was January 21st marking the completion of 59 years of living…and today I begin my sixth decade of being on this wonderful earth.

Last year, a friend, Steve Chase, and I started an educational non-profit intending to partner with other non-profits to help overlooked young people and communities around the world.  We started close to home.  In August, 2010, we went to Ensenada, Mexico to visit Greg Amstutz at his terrific ministry to many Baja orphanages.  You can find out more about it here:

As I reflect upon my birthday and the things that make this day special I realize more than ever that it is my desire to give more than receive.  So many wonderful friends have given to my family and various needs we have had.  I could not have made it without their help.  Maybe that is why I feel so passionate about helping others now.

Once a year in February, Genesis Diez has a gala in San Diego.  Della and I along with Steve and Mary will be attending this to stand in solidarity with the mission and the people of Genesis Diez.

But I have a desire.  I need your help to make it happen.  We want to send a large gift to Genesis Diez to help them reach their 2011 goals.  Would you prayerfully consider sending a monetary gift to:

Bearing Their Burdens

1700 Airline Hwy

PMB 415

Hollister, CA 95023

We will take every contribution to this event next month.  It will help orphan children and a relocated native Indian community in the Ensenada area that you do not know and very likely will never meet…until Heaven.  Thank you for reading this request and letting God direct you.  We so appreciate every friend we have!

Your friend celebrating his birthday,

Emery Smith

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Look out world — Here comes Bearing Their Burdens

He is the same, yesterday, today and forever...

May 5, 2010

Today, Steve Chase and Emery Smith had an ‘aha’ moment.

GOD is in control and is inviting us on a day-by-day journey into the miraculous.  We met for coffee at our favorite place of inspiration, Mars Hill in downtown Hollister, CA.  As I walked the five blocks, I felt mostly empty.  Nothing substantial was in my soul to share with Steve.  I felt it likely that as always we would have great fellowship, but likely there would be little take-away.

I wanted more.  I asked.  He gave.

A dear friend dropped by and shared an update of her always-giving life with us and immediately I knew she was to meet a fellow friend of mine with a complimentary vision of what GOD wanted them both to be a part of; doing almost exactly the same thing and not knowing the other.  We then talked further and realized that her contacts were substantial in an business community where we felt we needed contacts.

I finally got it! GOD was ‘networking’ us right before our eyes.

Then another friend, a part of the behind-the-scenes force that made the coffee shop the restful place it is, came up and in our conversation,  Steve and I realized that GOD so wanted us to follow Him but He was not going to drop ‘an envelope with the day’s agenda’ in our lap.  We would daily have to seek Him and throughout the day for the next step, the next contact, the next idea.

CONNECTEDNESS. Fellowship. Trust. Waiting upon Him.

All I know is today I have to start talking about Bearing Their Burdens as a reality whose time has come…no more distractions, delays or darts from the enemy.  This is a GOD-thing in a GOD-moment and we are gonna cross the river to claim our rightful possession for His Kingdom to come.

The first step is to share the Facebook page with friends.  The next step is to begin the regular blog posts; what you are reading is the first of many to come.

My heart is incredibly full that GOD would choose to use two guys with a visible lack of earthly qualifications but hearts that yearn to see His Kingdom grow.

Thank you Jesus. Stay tuned—More to follow.