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In the beginning…

in-the-beginningGenesis 1

The Account of Creation
1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

New Beginnings…we need them.

Sometimes in the middle of our world, we realize we need a new start.  A do-0ver. A fresh page.  A clean blackboard.  Things just aren’t going the way we planned them.

GOD started it all…  and proclaimed it was good, very good.  He gave us a beginning.  But we do not always read the instructions so things can get pretty far from the original design.  Sin does that.  A definition of sin is “missing the mark”.  It is pretty accurate because it says so much.  There is intent, effort, aim, direction, goal, perfection and missing.  Sometimes it is just not a bulls eye, but still close.  Sometimes it isn’t even in the vicinity.  But it was an attempt…so choice was involved.

Remember all through 2009 how much choice is involved.

We have been given that…of course, we have been given some guidelines too.  Those of us who know GOD, through the person of Jesus Christ, know His goodness dictates that His coaching is always for our best.  Love is like that.

I am not sure where this blog will go this year, but I pray that whoever finds it will find thoughts that take you closer to Father GOD.  Be blessed in 2009!

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Emery – I’m Only A Man

Emery – I’m Only A Man, originally uploaded by em0rix.

…created on purpose in GOD’S image….can you get your head around that?

He knew me and wanted me to be just who I am….well, under His guidance.

Notice the appropriateness that this mirror has a sink under it? Takes lots of soap to make a real man.

By the way,

S is scripture,
O is observation,
A is application, and
P is prayer…then add a
Y to it and it becomes “Yes, I will be different because of what I have learned.”

Thanks GOD!