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Two old boats…rust happens.

it is so cool how oxidation (rust) takes over and does its magic changing the color and texture of the hardest metals.

All it would take is a little emery applied to this and you might be surprised what lays underneath…GOD rocks!

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Save the Emery

Save the Emery, originally uploaded by lizeffler.

Yes, this must be done! Gotta save the Emery!

By the way, what is the “Emery” talked about here?

It is Cincinnati’s Emery Theatre created by Robert Howes, and one of four halls that were specifically built for the symphony orchestras of their respective cities. The four halls were Carnegie Hall in New York City (1892), Orchestra Hall in Chicago (1904), Emery Auditorium in Cincinnati (1911), and Orchestra Hall in Detroit (1919).

Pretty great investment especially if you like the symphony!