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The Last Operative by Jerry B Jenkins

I received this book on Friday July 30 and finished it in just over 24 hours. I think there are two reasons for this.

ONE, it has been a while since I have read a Christian Fiction book and just wanted to go into the atmosphere one creates in my imagination.

TWO, I really like Jerry B Jenkins feeling his style of writing reflects some of the best in the genre. I think the greatest feature Jerry brings to the craft of story-telling is the gift of telling a story of a worldly event without reducing his reader to the crassness of speech, actions and values of a world that cares not one bit about Jesus Christ.

To see a talented character also possessing Christian morals and even battles is encouraging and edifying for my imagination. I know I won’t be visualizing things that add little benefit to my thought life in the next few days as a result of the exposure to a world of espionage and intrigue that I know nothing about.

However, I did have one interesting thought:
What if each of us truly ARE operatives in roles we are committed to but have little understanding of their greater implications? Secret agents working for the GOD of the universe on missions we hardly understand making waves of influence we see dimly. Take it one step further, what if each of us are uniquely qualified to do the task of living our lives as we have been given and there are no other replacements? We might be even more serious about the passion we bring to it and the singleness of purpose that will keep us on task until the last day.

So, get the book. Enjoy the read, the locations and especially the characters. Share it with others.

Then live your life as a secret agent for Jesus Christ. You ARE the only one on your mission.