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Emery – I’m Only A Man

Emery – I’m Only A Man, originally uploaded by em0rix.

…created on purpose in GOD’S image….can you get your head around that?

He knew me and wanted me to be just who I am….well, under His guidance.

Notice the appropriateness that this mirror has a sink under it? Takes lots of soap to make a real man.

By the way,

S is scripture,
O is observation,
A is application, and
P is prayer…then add a
Y to it and it becomes “Yes, I will be different because of what I have learned.”

Thanks GOD!

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God’s MIRROR, originally uploaded by J316.

Yes, we see our condition through the mirror of the Law.

Without it, we are subject to our flesh and its desires.

With it, we can become justified…we can have fellowship with GOD for all Eternity through grace, through salvation, through love…of us from GOD.

Thanks Abba Father!