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The story of two Kevins

driving down the highway Recently, some things have  shifted in my thinking and I  want to give credit to two  guys that have helped me  realize this…even though  neither of them have any  clue how they have helped  me.

In fact, the first Kevin worked for me almost 18 years ago.  He was an incredibly intelligent man who drove truck for a living but was inciteful and observant in all that he did.  What made him such an inspiration to me was that he would share his thoughts with me, his dispatcher, almost every day…in ways that would aggravate me because no one in our chain of command cared what he thought.  But I loved his use of his talents.  He was so bright!  Only part of his brain kept him driving his 18-wheeler all over the state quite safely while most of his brain was observing the world around him provoking him to come up with innovative ideas.  Even though virtually none of his ideas were ever achieved, the world viewed from the cab of his truck was his observation station.  Thanks Kevin.

Dare I say, the other Kevin is my current boss.  He has helped me more than he will know.  Most of all he is accepting, encouraging and provoking in the best of ways.  He has given me a place to work for almost 3 1/2 years to date.  It is my place to provide resources for my family, a place to express my skills, and a place to reflect.  I need that.  It is not my dream job.  I have spent almost 35 years in the construction, mostly roofing, business in various positions.

Reflecting while driving, a skill I developed from observing Kevin #1, gives me a place to talk to GOD, to myself, while working for Kevin #2.  My duties give me a fair amount of window time.  GOD seems to fill the windshield with abundant joys to view while my iPhone filled with podcasts of wonderful authors speaks to me about the things of God and of life and yes, even a little automotive and tech talk as well.  I love information.  I love thinking about applying it to the world I am centered in.

Maybe today I am in the library of the universe gathering the thoughts, ideas and understanding for my tomorrow.  I am learning to enjoy it as a respite and not just a waiting room.

Thanks Kevin and Kevin and GOD.

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What would happen if…?

Sunset at Santa Cruz

A long time ago, I heard of a minister preaching the same sermon for several weeks in a row. Finally, one of the elders came to him and asked him why he was so insistently preaching the very same sermon week after week. He was greatly disturbed that something fresh was not being shared in the sermons and felt it his obligation to make the minister aware of his error. The minister graciously received his questioning words of correction and replied, “I will keep preaching the same message until I see that you have heard and received it and begin to practice the admonitions of the Scripture.

What would happen if instead of looking for something new, something to tickle our ears, to pacify our troubled hearts, we began to practice what we have already know? The truth is I have heard in my five decades of life, far more than I can ever put into practice. Actually, all that I have heard could be part of my character if I would choose obedience to that which I know.

Several years ago, I asked my worship pastor what I should do when I know the destination but not how to get there. We commiserated for a while as I knew what I desired was to be understood and to have someone offer a game plan for my next steps. I even called that season in my life “the dilemma of the pickup sticks.” I wanted to remove some things in my life but all of the various troubles interwove in such a fashion that one could not be removed without disturbing others. I did not know what to do.

But at that very time, there was a message being shared by a variety of speakers, a very simple message. “Obedience is doing the very next thing God asked of me.”” Our minds created by an infinite God are complex and astounding but they are no match for the processing capability of the Creator’s mind Himself. And His words were basic, “Do not be afraid, be of good courage, take my yoke upon me, trust in me.” Instead, we want an alternative…not unexpected but with great consequences dealing with a lack of peace and joy in our lives.

So my question today is, what would happen if we did the very next thing God asked us to do as an act of obedience and trust? Would the world be a different place? I think so. God has much to share with us. It is His delight. He is waiting for us to do the next thing.

Be blessed His children.