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Prayer Is Invading The Impossible

Jack Hayford’s great book from 1977 reminds us of the significance of prayer as well as the power source.
“If believers will come in prayer to Jesus – who alone is accredited as the official baptizer-with-the-Holy-Spirit – they will receive the timeless promise of divine enablement (Acts 2:39). They will not earn this experience with prayer, but they will receive it through prayer. And while faith is the instrument by which all God’s provision is reached for, experience is the criterion for judging whether faith has been effective.” (Pg 35)

It seems to me that:
We must DECLARE what we have received and then function with this awesome weapon in our lives. If we handle a weapon correctly, learning its power and care, it will be useful against all enemies. Prayer is designed to restore a Kingdom of love, grace, mercy and intimacy to all – not to allow the enemy to restrict us from our rightful relationship with the King.

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FIREPROOF, originally uploaded by threecee.

So are you and your spouse in an absolutely fireproof marriage or are you looking longingly at the fire escape for some means of avoiding pain and coming to terms with yourself and your relationship?

No condemnation…only a question to look at the condition of your house…and to avoid the tragedy of premature failure.

GOD promises to always be with us no matter the circumstance.

Be blessed!