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Always On His Mind

SHATTER! – Always On His Mind – Dance

GOD is so worthy of our praise. And yet, He finds time to think of us. Thank you GOD! I love you!

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Anniversary Lighting

We have reason to celebrate our anniversary too…33 years this Saturday.

Unfortunately we don’t have a lighthouse or anything shiny….but we do have the love that passes the test of time.

Thank you GOD for giving me a spouse for all time! She is truly a keeper!

Happy Anniversary Della Lee Osborn Smith! You have stood by me through many challenges.

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Before & Now

Before & Now, originally uploaded by The Great Shadow.

Throughout the world, we juxtapose the past with our view of the future here in the present…architecture has such a strong message when utilized as a medium and not merely as a function of containment.

This photo is such a strong reminder of heritage and vision.

I am impressed and the photographer deserves great credit for this capture of a moment in time!