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Wind Power nothing new and yet…

Here in the west, we have admired the way early settlers of this land used wind power to bring water to the surface. The character of the early towers and windmills became part of the fabric of the dry landscape. Weathered and functional, we love the look.

Now tall round white towers with long tapered wings for blades bring wind power into the grid of western power availability. No the wind does not blow all the time but it fills a need in the total power demands of our world.

Don’t you love the aesthetic and the practical look of the old and the new?

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Entry into another world

Seattle Subterranean Bus Tunnel, originally uploaded by moog55.

1984, 2001 Space Odessey, Star Trek, Star Wars, where are we going?

It is a brave new world we live in….and architects know how to play with our minds. Can we explore hidden worlds in galaxies far, far away? Sure we can…just visit the:

Seattle Subterranean Bus Tunnel